Simple Tips that will help you keep Diabetes under Check

Type II diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, which is a massive health problem in the world. Type II diabetes can be caused by obesity, aging, poor diet, or lifestyle e.g. lack of physical activity. Following are some practical tips that might not totally eliminate the risk of diabetes, but it will certainly keep it in check.

Physical Activity:

With each passing day, we have been adapting a lifestyle that puts little emphasis on physical activity. Technologies like mobile phones, smart phones, and Internet have made it easier to do almost everything without going out of your home. But while these technologies are great, and you must make the most of them, it doesn’t mean you can forget the importance of physical activity. In fact, it becomes even more important.

It’s important to add some physical activity in your daily routine, in form of jogging, outdoor sports, dance classes, Yoga, or something like that. Exercise will improve your insulin sensitivity, and it will also help you deal with obesity which is a common risk factor for diabetes.

Eat Healthy:

Simple and wholesome diet can save you from so many diseases. If only you can think of food as the fuel for your body, instead of a source of pleasure, and start eating food that is healthy, instead of food that satisfies your taste buds, you will start getting instant benefits. To start with, try to include more fiber-rich items in your diet, it will enhance insulin sensitivity. Similarly, all those fast foods, sugary stuff, processed food, are not good for your health.


We have already talked about the lack of physical activity, but there’s more to it when it comes to lifestyle contributing to all those modern day diseases. If you are living an unorganized, haphazard life, not taking out time for yourself, trying to fit meals in between, thinking of sleep as a waste of time, and the likes, then you are sure to harm your mind and body. Our minds, and bodies need rest, they needs healthy diet after regular intervals, you can’t keep messing up with their requirements and expect them to perform for years without causing any kind of problem? Even if you are young and energetic, it’s important to form healthy habits. You need to eat on time, and sleep on time. Don’t push your mind or bodies too hard and you will be able to keep the problems like obesity or diabetes.