Depression is Bad – How to Keep it at Bay

Depression can be a bad, bad thing. Life isn’t an easy ride, and depression can make it almost impossible to get on with your life. It will add negativity to everything you do. It will mess up with your studies, it will mess up with your relations, it will mess up with your job, and it will mess up with everything you are planning to do in your life.

And depression or stress levels are increasing, so it’s important to take it as seriously as any other disease and make lifestyle changes that will help you keep it at bay.


Half an hour or exercise, or some outdoor sport like cricket, football, or squash can do a world of good. If you are sitting idle or even sitting in front of your pc and working, it’s easier for your mind to get depressive thoughts. But it’s not so easy when you are running around in a football ground. If you have a tendency to get depressive thoughts while idle, it’s important to get up and do something physical, like exercise, dance classes, yoga, or some outdoor activity.


Healthy food will give you the right nutrients and hormonal balance to avoid mood swings or depressive frame of mind (low testosterone levels can make you depress, consider using natural testosterone supplements for men). There are foods like berries, chocolate, garlic, asparagus, or walnuts to name only few, which will help you, fight with depressive thoughts. Besides healthy food will improve your immune system, helping you fight against diseases, because when you are getting down with some sickness all the time, you are more prone to get depressed


When your body or mind is tired, and you are still pushing it to do some work, it will get stressed. And no, energy drinks and coffee is not an alternate of a good night sleep. If you are not giving your mind some rest, it will get exhausted, and it will be difficult for an exhausted, stressed mind to think positively. All you will get is high frustration level, stress, and eventually depression. Lack of sleep will also disturb your testosterone levels, testosterone supplement can help you.


Just like being idle can make it easy for your mind to go into that depressive zone, being alone can also do the same. You could be joining wedding or any events that is organised by which helps you lighten up talking to people and taking photos. If you think that you are socializing with your friends via Facebook or Whatsapp, then you are wrong, and negative thoughts will keep creeping in. They might not go away when you are with your friends, but a good group of friends will keep you busy and laughing for quite some time to break the cycle of negative thoughts.